Frequently Asked Questions
What is Allsupermart?
We are hyper-local ecommerce platform which gives sellers an opportunity to bring their stores online in order to cater to more number of buyers.
How will it help me to increase my revenue?
As more and more number of people today prefer to shop online rather than going personally to the market, standing in queues for billing, waiting for parking etc we provide you an opportunity to get your store online and thereby cater to more number of customers with easy payment options.
How will I register myself?
Registering with Allsupermart is a simple 2 click process. Just click on Vendor Registration at the bottom on the homepage, fill in your details and our customer executive will guide you in finishing the other registration formalities.
What if I don’t have a smart phone?
You must have a laptop, desktop or an android phone with internet connectivity.
Do I have to pay any registration charges, if yes then how much?
No, there is no vendor registration charge
What will be the process of releasing payment and within how many days it will be released after the transaction?
Within a week the payment will be made to the vendor for purchase on online .
What is the minimum order value?
There is no minimum order value as such our aim is to cater to all the customers and fulfill their needs which will in turn help us to increase the revenue.
Who will give us the app training?
Our executive would visit and personally train you regarding our app.
Who will do the delivery?
There are 2 option: 1) Self delivery or 2) Select Road Runner/Grab.
Whom do we contact in case of technical errors?
You can register your complaint on our helpline. Our executive will soon contact you and resolve the errors.
Who will handle the customer grievances?
Vendors will respond to the complaints negative feedback or any grievances of the customer or they can also forward the complaint to the website admin.
Who will decide the MRP of products?
We give vendors the flexibility of controlling the price of the products.
How do we update the price of the products?
We have the option of updating the price of the products in our app. Executive will provide complete training regards app
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